Kelly Clarkson Gives Taylor Swift Advice Amid Drama With Former Label

Taylor Swift / Kelly Clarkson / Twitter

For the past couple weeks, Taylor Swift has been involved with some major drama after her former record label, Big Machine Records was acquired by Scooter Braun.

Swift penned a blog post on her Tumblr page, saying the purchase was her “worst case scenario.” See, when Braun’s company bought Big Machine, that meant all of Swift’s masters went with it. In her blog post, Swift accused Braun of bullying her repeatedly throughout the years.

Since her post, founder and CEO of Big Machine Records, Braun’s wife, some of Braun’s most high-profile clients including Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato have spoken out against the country-turned-pop-star.

You can read her full post here.

Swift had come to realize that the masters to her old songs would never belong to her, something that is a hot topic among artists. Someone who is very outspoken about her too-long contract when she first got started in the music industry is now offering Swift some career advice.

Kelly Clarkson – who won the first season of American Idol in 2002 – released her final album from her original RCA Records contract in 2015. She switched labels and finally got to release an album she wanted to release in 2017 with Atlantic Records. Because of her experience, she does have some great advice for the “You Need To Calm Down” singer.

Clarkson told Swift, “Just a thought, U should go in & re-record all the songs that U don’t own the masters on exactly how U did them but put brand new art & some kind of incentive so fans will no longer buy the old versions. I’d buy all of the new versions just to prove a point.”

What do you think about her advice? Maybe she will take it herself someday and re-record all of her old hits!

Watch Clarkson cover Swift’s “Blank Space” at a concert a few years ago.