Kurt & Kyle Busch Duke It Out In Fight For Finish

YouTube / NASCAR

Looks like one of the Busch brothers is going home a winner…and apparently will also be looking for another ride home!

Just after this crazy neck-and-neck duel for the finish line, it appears that a pouting Busch brother has left his winning sibling on the track and taken his plane back home – leaving his brother to find a new ride.

“What a battle with my little brother. To race him side-by-side, try to play the chess game at 180 mph in the side draft,” Kurt Busch told MSN Sports. “As we drove down into Turn 3 on the last lap, I just stared straight at the No. 18 on his door and I never lifted until I heard him lift and then I was like ‘wait a minute, I still gotta miss the wall’ and he gave me just enough room as a true racer would.”

During the Quaker State 400 on Sunday, July 14th, 2019, Kurt and Kyle Busch battled it out for the top honors and the trophy – almost crashing coming around the bend toward the finish line.

The race was in overtime already and in the final two laps of the race, both Busch brothers fought for the lead, each taking turns ahead of the other. They got super close, and maybe even clipped each other a tad – but Kurt came out as victorious for the first time since they’d begun their 1-2 finish pairings.

Check out this wild finish in the video below – and let us know who you thought was going to win!