Dog The Bounty Hunter & Kids Tearfully Reveal Life After Beth’s Death

Instagram / MrsDog4Real, lelandbchapman

Just days after the emotional and heart-wrenching memorial service the family held in Colorado took place, Dog The Bounty Hunter and three of his kids sat down in their home for an intimate interview like you’ve never seen before.

Part of the same series of clips that Entertainment Tonight had been releasing over the course of a week leading up to the memorial, this video is a rare look at how some of her loved ones are doing after the sudden loss of the family’s matriarch.

Previously, Dog had spoken about how his late wife, Beth, had tried to prepare him for his passing – something he said was unable to prepare for.

On July 13th, each family member took time to say their last words about Beth at one of the most heartfelt and stunning memorial services we have ever seen. And now, this more intimate interview has surfaced where Leland, Bonnie, Gary, and Dog all sit down to share what their life is like without Beth anymore.

Beth’s passing on June 26th, 2019 has had a deep and profound impact on all of her loved ones – especially her husband, Dog.

But each of them shares, in their own words, what impact her passing has had on them – and young Bonnie’s is probably one of the most poignant. It even had the interviewer choked up by the end…

“I would tell her…and I’m sorry that I didn’t go to church with you every Sunday like you wanted and I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend all those moments with you that were really supposed to be important…and I took those moments – I took her for granted.”

Watch this powerful and heart-wrenching family interview in the wake of Beth’s tragic passing below.

Our prayers are with the Chapman family.