LeAnn Rimes Bears Her Soul In Heartbreaking New Ballad

Steven Sebring via LeAnn Rimes Facebook

After releasing her new single “The Story” in the UK in June, LeAnn Rimes has a stunning new track to share with the world. Called “How to Kiss a Boy,” the song is the newest one Rimes has released off of her upcoming album, Remnants, which is set for release in the UK on October 28. 

Remnants is Rimes’ first album since 2013’s Spitfire, with the exception of two Christmas albums. It is perhaps her most personal and vulnerable album to date. As she told Rolling Stone it is “a healing record” for her.

That’s really what I hope people get out of it, is some sense of healing,” she said. “I’m not attacking anything; it’s from a settled point of view. And yes, it is vulnerable. I’m scared to death.”

Rimes expressed that vulnerable side of herself in “The Story,” which was originally recorded by Brandi Carlile. But Rimes truly bears her heart and soul in her new release, “How to Kiss a Boy,” which is tale of love that later turns into heartbreak.

Accompanied by the soft tinkling of a piano in the background, Rimes details the story of falling in love with a boy and not knowing what to do. She then instructs herself on how to kiss him to make it a moment worth treasuring forever.


However, as Rimes later reveals in the song, the boy confesses to her that their so-called love, the kiss, none of it meant anything to him. As he comes to her to tell her how sorry he is, Rimes sings about the heartbreak of that moment, saying, “First time he says he loves you, doesn’t mean that it’s the truth. You gave it everything you had, you learned the hard way what to do.

Rimes’ passionate delivery of the song will have you hanging on every word she sings until it comes to its heartbreaking conclusion. Tune in below to hear “How to Kiss a Boy” for the first time.

After hearing how beautiful “How to Kiss a Boy” is, we can’t wait to hear the rest of Remnants.