Derek Hough Rushes Protestors On Stage During Ryan Lochte’s DWTS Debut

Things got a bit messy during ABC‘s premiere episode of Dancing With The Stars last night! Ryan Lochte and dancing partner Cheryl Burke were faced with an unexpected dilemma when two male protestors rushed the stage during the couple’s judging moment, startling the duo and very confused audience members. 

DWTS original Derek Hough sprung into action, assisting in the departure of various women hidden in the audience, so clearly being associated the two men. Sporting anti-Lochte shirts, the women sat in a back row, awkwardly removing themselves from the audience as Hough approached their seats and condemned their actions. 

“I basically told them aggressively that they need to leave because you don’t do that here,” Hough told ET reporters. He continued to delve into the positive environment that DWTS strides for and implements, negating the spiteful behavior of the protestors.

Upon being interviewed, Lochte said, “Honestly, it felt like someone just reached inside, took my heart out and tore it to shreds.” He adds, “I was really hurt when I saw that and I was in shock.” Lochte then credits dancing partner Burke for her motivation and assistance in moving past this scary situation and pursuing the competition.

These protestors voiced their feelings in light on the previous scandal that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the 2016 Summer Olympics. Reports state Lochte and various fellow swimmers claimed that, upon heading home from a rigorous night out, they we’re robbed at gunpoint by men claiming to be officers. It was later believed the Lochte and the swimmers fabricated the said encounter, believed to have visited a convenience store and vandalizing a portion of the location. As security guards became aware of the men and their actions, they were said to have pulled out their weapons and engaged in a heated, verbal argument with Lochte, according to co-swimmer Gunnar Bentz.

Lochte received a 10 month suspension from swimming, as well as lost endorsements and what was reported as Brazilian police possibly pressing charges for falsified robbery reports.

However, with a promising new season ahead, Lochte is adamant about moving onward and leaving the past where it lies. 

You can watch the unexpected moment in the video below!