LeAnn Rimes Opens Up On Her Tearful Reunion With Her Estranged Mother

Entertainment Tonight

It has been over 20 years since LeAnn Rimes took home a Grammy for “Best New Artist” at just 14 years old. While every mother-daughter relationship has its ups and downs, they become even more complicated when you grow up with the eyes of millions watching your every move.

“My mom and I have had a really rough relationship,” Rimes said. “She basically lost me to the world when I was 13… I’ve kept her on the outside.”

Rimes’ latest album Remnants features some of her most personal songs yet, including one track titled “Mother.” Rimes co-wrote the deeply emotional ballad during a time she and her mother were fighting and barely speaking.

“We wrote [‘Mother’]…and two weeks later something happened with my stepson,” Rimes explained. “Something just clicked and I lost it and started crying and I sent my mom a text said, ‘I understand and I’m so sorry.’…That song has been a really big healer for my mom and me.”

Now 34 years old, the country singer has been making music for over half of her life. Rimes describes her new reinvented sound as her most “authentic and real” since her 1996 Grammy-winning song “Blue” introduced the world to her amazing voice. She goes on to explain that at this point in her life she’s an “open book” and the album shows all sides of her, the good and the the bad.

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