Little Cowboy Has Viewers Melting With Hysterical ‘Big Green Tractor’ Performance

brendab46221/ Youtube (Left)/(Right) John Lamparski/Getty Images

Little Benjamin not only loves country music, but has locked in his favorite artist as none other than country star Jason Aldean. Having indulged in the singer’s music, in addition to seeing him in concert by the young age of three, this little tyke had been working on quite the array of Aldean’s music. However, it seems Benjamin knew exactly what song he wanted to sing when a camera was taken out and his toy guitar was within arm’s reach.

Sporting his straw cowboy hat and big grin, the little boy began to strum his toy guitar and sing Aldean’s comical hit “Big Green Tractor”. “She had a shiny little beamer with the rag top down,/ Sittin’ in the drive but she wouldn’t get out,/ The dogs were all barking and wagging around,/ And I just laughed and said y’all get in,” he energetically sang amidst an adorable southern accent.

Despite multiple guest appearances from the family dog and a man who quickly chose to vacate the shooting premises, Benjamin was sure not to break character as he carried his too cute for words performance. Although snagging an eager applause from his fans, the country star in the making was far from over as he continued on with his performance! Viewers were blown away by this young boy’s love of country music and admirable memory of the song’s lyrics.

The 2009 released tune derived from Aldean’s album Wide Open, eventually becoming the singer’s third career single and earning him tractor recognition across the genre. You can listen to little Benjamin’s adorable cover below!