Loretta Lynn Smiles While Grandson Sings “The Joker” Next To Her At 2016 Concert

Bailey Hajny YouTube Channel

It seems that Loretta Lynn passed her musical talent on to her young grandson, as one crowd in Salina, Kansas, got to witness firsthand.

Lynn performed in the city at the Stiefel Theatre of Performing Arts on July 9th, 2016. While everyone was expecting a top-notch country performance from Lynn, they weren’t expecting her grandson to come out on stage and blow them away with a rock song.

Lynn often invited her family members to come out on stage and perform during her concerts. While most of her family members lean toward country music, her grandson seems to be into a different style. He sang the classic 1970s hit “The Joker,” off of the Steve Miller Band’s album of the same name.

“The Joker” topped the Billboard Hot 100 following its release.

After the song was used in an advertisement for Levi’s in 1990, the song entered the charts again in multiple countries around the world. It ended up topping the UK, Dutch, Irish, and New Zealand charts following the advertisement’s release.

Now, Lynn’s grandson may stand a chance at helping revive interest in the song yet again.

Lynn took a seat on stage, allowing her grandson to step up front and center. She beamed with pride as he sang, and couldn’t seem to wipe the smile off of her face.

The crowd was also enjoying her grandson’s performance, as they could be heard hootin’ and hollerin’ for him at various points while he sang. We can’t blame them either, because he has one powerful voice!

Listening to Lynn’s grandson, you can tell that he has the voice for rock music. It has a unique, raspy sound that translates over well to such a style.

In addition to his singing skills, it seems that Lynn’s grandson can play a mean guitar. He rocked along on an acoustic during the entire song, while Lynn’s band provided him with a bit of backup support. This kid has all the makings of becoming a major music star someday!

It’s clear from the way Lynn reacted to his performance that she felt the same way. She had every reason to be proud of her grandson, because his talent in undeniable.

Of course, Lynn’s grandson likely inherited his love of music from her. We’re sure she was there to teach him everything he needed to know about singing and entertaining.

If you’d like to see a good show, tune in to the video below to watch Lynn’s grandson sing “The Joker.”