Legendary Patti Smith Forgets Bob Dylan Lyrics And Scrambles To Recover


Singer/Songwriter and rock legend Patti Smith found herself in a performer’s worst nightmare when she forgot the lyrics to Bob Dylan‘s song “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”. Smith was accepting Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature, an award no musican had won until now, as she graced the Stockholm event with her voice and class. Unfortunately, her performance did not go as planned.

As Smith began to sing Dylan’s hit, her audience was entranced by the serene moment and calming vocals, thus making the following slip up all that more noticeable! While she continued throughout the song, her face became blank and her voice ceased to be heard in her microphone! Mumbling and desperately trying to grasp the following lyrics, Smith was left with a gawking audience and empty instrumentals!

“I’m sorry,” she explained amidst the music that she unsuccessfully tried to jump back in with broken lyrics that only trembled the singer’s nerves to further lengths. “I’m sorry,” she continued to repeat. “Could we start that section…” she began to ask before cutting herself short and addressing her confused audience with, “I apologize. I’m sorry. I’m so nervous.”

The audience, being incredibly understanding, gave Smith an encouraging applause, perhaps just what she needed to complete her performance. The song began again, however Smith was able to collect herself just in time! The singer was successful in her second attempt and did the audience proud with not only her performance, but her tenacity and will to overcome her previous mishap. We can’t help but admire her, as well, for her spirit and inability to be phased by a mistake that is, after all, only human!

Dylan was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony and accept his award personally. Although this may very well possibly be the highest achievement Dylan has received throughout his career, he was said to have had “preexisting commitments”, according to the Washington Post.

The honored man was, as expected, nowhere to be seen at the event, although many hoped for a surprise appearance. Dylan gifted the event with a note, thanking all for the unbelievable award.

He wrote, “I’m sorry I can’t be with you in person, but please know that I am most definitely with you in spirit and honored to be receiving such a prestigious prize,” adding, “If someone had ever told me that I had the slightest chance of winning the Nobel Prize, I would have to think that I’d have about the same odds as standing on the moon.”

Congratulations to Dylan on his award! Additionally, we congratulate Smith for overcoming her nerves to give her audience a solid performance.