Luke Bryan Halts Show For Injured Girl

Whiskey Riff YouTube Channel (Left)/(Right) JONATHAN PHILLIPS / SPECIAL

Country music superstar Luke Bryan took to his twitter feed to inform fans of his unfortunate mishap that landed the singer with a broken clavicle in a bike ride gone wrong! Although Bryan was forced to nurse the injury in a sling, he assured fans that his show would go on as he sported his newest, medical accessory.

While continuing on his Farm Tour as promised, Bryan noticed a young fan in the audience with the same fashion sense, and inability to dodge an injury, as himself! Bryan halted the concert and approached the little girl, who informed the singer and his eager audience that she had sustained her injury from a gymnastics bar. Giving her a compassionate sigh, he asked, “Can I sign your cast?”

The little gymnast let out an excited “Yes!’ as the country music heartthrob made his way to the edge of the stage. “I don’t have a sharpie,” Bryan announced. Fortunately, a sharpie was located, seeing that it would be incredibly rare for any fan to attend this man’s concert and not be every variation of ready for an autograph opportunity!

Bryan begins to look for a vacant spot on the girl’s cast, exclaiming “You’ve had a lot of people sign,” before finding an adequate amount of space for his sought out for signature!

As fans absorb the heartfelt moment, Bryan continues the “awes” by asking the little girl, “Hey! Will you sign mine?”

Of course, she does!  Bryan gives the child a kiss on the forehead and asks how long it will be until her arm is fully healed. “Five weeks,” the cutie responds.

“I’m getting surgery in the morning on mine,” say the singer, sending fans into a whirlwind on gasps and messages on condolences. However, he continues with, “But, see, I’m old enough to drink, so I’ll be better real quick.”

Watch the adorable encounter below and tell us what you thought of Bryan’s actions!