Man Arrested For DUI, But He Wasn’t Driving A Motor Vehicle

California Highway Patrol/Twitter

A southern California man was arrested Saturday (February 24) for driving under the influence, but it wasn’t a typical arrest, by any means.

The man was seen riding a horse along a freeway in Long Beach, south of Los Angeles when officials were called. The welfare of both the man and his horse were a concern, according to a post made to Twitter by the California Highway Patrol.

“We get a chuckle out of the interesting situations we encounter from time to time, but one thing the CHP does not do is ‘horse’ around with DUI,” the CHP wrote on Twitter. “Do not put yourself, your beautiful animal, or others in danger of being killed in traffic.”

No injuries were reported during the incident and the mother of the rider showed up to claim the horse following his arrest. See photos of the arrest below.