Florida Family Finds Alligator With Missing Limbs On Front Porch

A Tampa, Florida, family woke up last week to find an alligator on their front porch. It’s not all that unusual for the creatures to be spotted out and about in the state, but this alligator was a unique one. Croc Encounters, a reptile park and wildlife center that captures “nuisance alligators,” received a call […] More

72-Year-Old Woman Gored Multiple Times By Bison At Yellowstone

Tourist season appears to be in full swing as adventure seekers are filling up national parks around the country. And Yellowstone National Park is finding itself in headlines a little more than usual this season, and not for good reason. On June 25, a 72-year-old park visitor from California attempted to get an up close […] More

Man Gets Arrested After Going For Swim In Bass Pro Shop Aquarium

A Louisiana man was after his five minutes of fame and he was willing to do almost anything to get it. Kevin Wise from Slidell, Louisiana, told his TikTok followers that if he received 2,000 likes he would jump in the aquarium at the Bass Pro Shop located in Bossier City. He received well over […] More

Artist Creates Lifelike Animal Sculptures…Out Of Sand

Sand is for more than castles on the beach. Just ask Spanish artist Andoni Nastarrika who has become somewhat of a celebrity because of his ability to create lifelike animals out of sand. Hailing from Spain’s northern Basque region, Nastarrika began making sand sculptures a decade ago while at the beach with his two daughters. […] More

Caramel Milky Way Cheesecake Bars

Any dessert that includes caramel, candy bars and cheesecake is sure to be a winner. We can testify to that! Caramel Milky Way Cheesecake Bars from Inside BruCrew Life are knock-your-socks-off decadent, but simple enough that even a novice baker can make them. Official baking season doesn’t start until late fall, but summer time often […] More

Coca Cola Chocolate Cake Recipe

If you’ve ever attended a southern picnic or church potluck, there’s a good chance that you’ve indulged on a Texas Sheet Cake. Or, perhaps you’ve even made one yourself. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the fudgey chocolate dessert. The most common question is….why does Texas get the credit for this dessert staple? […] More

Amy Grant Shares Photos After Undergoing Open Heart Surgery

Just ten days after undergoing open heart surgery, contemporary Christian singer Amy Grant has shared an update and photos of her post-surgery scar. The 59-year-old singer and wife of country star Vince Gill underwent surgery on June 3 to correct a heart condition called PAPVR (partial anomalous pulmonary venous return). Grant was unaware that she […] More

Treasure Chest Hidden In Rocky Mountains Found After A Decade

A bronze chest filled with at least $1 million worth of treasure was found after being hidden for at least a decade. The chest was buried in an undisclosed location by Sante Fe, New Mexico, author and artifacts dealer Forrest Fenn in 2010. Fenn shared clues to the treasure chests whereabouts online and in his […] More

Butter Swim Biscuits Recipe

These biscuits need no explanation. They are simply biscuits swimming in butter, and we’re pretty sure they are the best biscuits we’ve ever put in our mouth.

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