Man Caught Dancing With Alligator In Water

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Quinton Glenn, a wildlife educator, trapper, nature boy, and clown, was at the Everglades Outpost: A Wildlife Rescue recently when he was captured on video dancing with one of the alligators.

Some might even say that Quinton was waltzing with the gator as they watched him gracefully sway back and forth in the water at the wildlife sanctuary located in Homestead, Florida.


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Daniella Rivas who was visiting the sanctuary on this specific day happened to see Quinton and the gator dancing and decided to take a video.

She posted it on TikTok and later to Instagram where it got a lot of attention and engagement.

“Man dancing out here with an alligator,” Daniella wrote on the video on Instagram.

“Only in Florida would you see a man dancing with a gator,” Bitch Reject, who also researched the video, wrote on Instagram, “I could only imagine what was going through the alligators [sic] head.” 


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Quinton wrote on social media that he competed in the FAWC Free Style Alligator Wrestling competition with the Native Americans and many others. He said it was an absolute honor and pleasure to display his skills with everyone there.

What do you think about Quinton’s skills? Would you ever attempt to do the risky things that he does?