Mini Dwarf Pony Who Could Barely Walk Learns To Run

The Dodo Originals/YouTube

Pumpkin was born with a deformity, in fact, she was born with four deformities.

Because of the way she was bred, Pumpkin ended up being a dwarf pony with serious health issues. The family that owned the mother and child didn’t have the resources to fix the pony’s legs, so they surrendered Pumpkin and her mother to the Twist of Fate Farm and Sanctuary.

“Twist of Fate is a sanctuary for all the animals no one else wants,” explains Ashley DeFelice, the site’s founder and a much-involved caretaker.

“We help the animals nobody else wants, we show them love and give them a place to live out their lives.”

“We always give the animals a fighting chance. No matter how many people tell us ‘you can’t fix that,’ we always try,” DeFelice emphasizes.

When Pumpkin was born, it was obvious that all four of her legs were deformed. After seeing her try to walk, Ashley wasn’t sure they’d be able to help her. What took over then, she recalls, was her motherly instinct. Pumpkin was so young; she deserved a chance. Ashley was going to be sure Pumpkin got that chance.

Even with the braces, the doctor said Pumpkin’s survival would depend on her spirit and will.

Twist of Fate arranged for Pumpkin to be fitted with braces to strengthen her legs. If that didn’t work, Ashely says, they “would have to make another decision.”

Wonder what happens to Pumpkin? Watch this video and get the full story.

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