Missy Robertson Opens Up About Inauguration, Feeling ‘Scared’ Among Protestors


The Duck Dynasty family was well represented at President Donald Trump’s Inauguration on Friday (Jan. 20).

Willie and Korie Robertson, Jase and Missy Robertson and Lisa and Alan Robertson were in attendance, as well as Willie and Korie’s son John Luke and his wife Mary Kate, and their daughter Rebecca and her husband, John Reed.

The Louisiana based reality TV family was personally invited by the Trump family to attend Inauguration events and “seeing this historical moment and witnessing this process first-hand was something [they] will never forget“, Missy detailed in her blog.

“I met people from all over the country whose husbands fought in Afghanistan, whose children were born with physical challenges like Mia’s [cleft lip and palate] and who were excited to hear how many times God was mentioned from the Capitol platform,” she wrote. “We all shared our optimism about the future of our country.”

Missy was a proud American watching the 45th President being sworn into office, but the feeling went away quickly when the area she was standing in was bombarded with protestors, who were by no means peaceful.

Just a few feet away stood armed police wearing protective gear, and mere inches away were angry Americans screaming obscenities, holding signs with even worse and more offensive verbiage. Their actions caused her to feel “intimidated, scared and angry.” She felt intimidated and scared right away, but the anger came later, after she thought about her grandfather, who served in our country’s military and was a fighter pilot in World War II. The people that were yelling hurtful things at her and other people attending the Inauguration were, in her eyes, extremely irrational.

The protestors forced her, Jase, and many others trying to walk in to one of the Inaugural Balls off of the concrete walkways and onto the lawn of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. She notes, “We all remained safe and enjoyed a fabulous night of celebration.”

While Missy felt immediately uncomfortable in the situation she was put in, she emphasizes that what is important is how the opposition responds to these protests. She ends her blog with some insight for Republicans for the next few years.

Yes, we celebrate now with our choice, with our victory.  But we should remember that in a few short years, we may be back on the disapproving side.  How will our words and actions depict us as Christians?  Even now, our response to these hateful and demeaning remarks and insults will show whose citizens we are.  While we may be proud Americans, our forever home awaits.”