Mom Gets Bitten On The Face By Snake When Opening Her Front Door

Mara Jo Thomas / Facebook

A mother of three kids, Mara Jo Thomas, was at her home in Kentucky when she heard her daughter “screaming bloody murder” from outside.

As she opened the front door to investigate what her daughter, Kenley, was screaming about, she was bitten right on the face by a gray and brown snake hanging on her front door’s door hanger. 

“So of course I open the door and boom – it got me!” Mara Jo said in a post she shared to Facebook on June 13 (2022), which also had photos showing the creature hanging on the door and the bite she took to the face.

Photos shared on Facebook showed a bloody mark in the shape of a snake’s mouth imprinted directly above her right eye and below her eyebrow.

“And yet your makeup still looks perfect,” one commenter wrote on her post.

Not fully studied up on what kind of snake it was or if it was venomous or not, Mara Jo decided to go to the hospital to confirm. Fortunately, no antivenom or special treatment was needed.

“Thankfully it wasn’t venomous and it didn’t get my actual eye!” she said.

Mara Jo noted that she did not wait around to see where the snake went, but when she got back home she removed the door hanger so that’ll never happen again.

“I’ll never have another door hanger,” she wrote.

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