Mother & Son Risk Life To Get Wallet From Gator Pit

Ashlynn Curtis / Facebook

A family was filmed breaking into an alligator enclosure on July 19th, 2020, at the Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Apparently, the mother lost her pink wallet and it somehow was floating in the middle of a small pond filled with alligators when the video started off. The mother and the son had broken into the enclosure trying to retrieve the wallet.

The scene, posted on Facebook, shocked several visitors as they watched both the mother and her son risk their life. They could have been bitten by an alligator at any time.

It was a first for the zoo, who issued a statement after it became aware of the incident:

“We are thankful no person or animal was hurt. We have clear postings and fencing to keep guests out of animal areas and have never dealt with a situation like this since opening our park seven years ago. The woman has since apologized.”

We can see the woman trying to distract the gators in the video by tossing a few rocks into the pond. Her strategy worked as the gators swam into the other side of the pond allowing her to grab her wallet quickly and exit the gators’ enclosure.

Fortunately, neither the mom nor the son was injured in the incident, and the gators are safe too.

Watch The Video Below Of The Woman Trying To Retrieve Her Wallet From Alligators Enclosure