Neal McCoy Joined By Fellow Country Stars For Daily Recitation Of Pledge Of Allegiance

Neal McCoy

Neal McCoy is a patriot through and through. With 15 USO tours under his belt, McCoy has a history of putting his boots to the ground and meeting face to face the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom.

In an interview with Country Rebel, McCoy says that the patriotism was instilled in him at a young age and is something he takes seriously.

“My dad met my mom while he was in the service stationed in the Phillipines,” the No Doubt About It singer said. “Mom always said we should appreciate being from the United States because she knew what it was like to be raised without the freedoms we have.”

McCoy took his mother’s words to heart and is spreading patriotism whenever given the opportunity. Sometime around the beginning of 2016, McCoy was saying the Pledge of Allegiance and, for the first time, really paid attention to the meaning behind the words. He decided to start out every day with the pledge just as he used to do in school. And, a movement was born.

Every morning, McCoy takes to Facebook where he leads his fans in the Pledge of Allegiance by either writing it or saying it. The idea has caught on as his fans sign in to social media every day to join the singer and now thousands are now sharing his posts. Fellow country stars Jake Owen and Thomas Rhett have also joined Neal for live recitations of the Pledge. McCoy admits that he started the daily posting for himself, but is thrilled to see others getting excited about it.

“If nobody got anything out of it, I would. But, I encourage people to write it, say it, and share it.”

Neal McCoy rose to fame in the 1990s with songs such as Wink, The Shake, and No Doubt About It. Known as one of the nicest and happiest guys in the business, McCoy has endeared himself to the hearts of country music fans with a lesson he learned from his dad.


“The thing I got from my dad, growing up I never saw him in a bad mood,” McCoy told the Chicago Tribune in 1999. “He never brought work home with him and was always the same guy: the best personality in the world and always a real treat to be around.

“I think I patterned myself after him — in that I want people to enjoy being around me, to like hanging out with me. And I think we’ve accomplished that.”

McCoy’s latest album is called You Don’t Know Me and contains 13 songs straight out of the Great American Song Book including, Unforgettable, Laura, and I Get A Kick Out Of You. The album is only available at Neal McCoy’s website or at live shows. Get your copy by clicking here. See a preview of the album in the video below.

Don’t forget to visit and follow Neal McCoy’s Facebook page where you can be a part of his morning pledge movement!