Country Legend Larry Gatlin Reveals Which Presidential Candidate He Supports

As the presidential race continues and each party comes closer to selecting a candidate, celebrities are becoming more vocal about who they’re voting for in November.

Over the past few months, many country stars have revealed their support for certain candidates. Loretta Lynn and Kenny Rogers have spoken in favor of Donald Trump, while Bonnie Raitt signed a letter of support for Bernie Sanders. Others, like Carrie Underwood, refuse to discuss their politics, preferring to keep them a secret.

But anyone who’s a fan of country legend Larry Gatlin knows the “Houston” singer doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing his political views. Following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November of last year, Gatlin posted a heated video directed at President Barack Obama criticizing him for the way he reacted to the situation.

Since Gatlin has always made his political views clear to his fans, he was happy to share with them which presidential candidate he is voting for in this year’s election. During an appearance on FOX on Thursday (June 9), Gatlin revealed he is officially endorsing Donald Trump for president.

While Gatlin admitted Trump was not his “first choice” for president, he is now getting behind him in the hopes he will be able to become a great president. Despite being vocal about his politics in the past, Gatlin said even though he’s voting for Trump, he isn’t going to try and tell others to do the same.

You can watch Gatlin’s full endorsement announcement in the video below.

What do you think of Gatlin’s comments about Trump?