Filled With Emotion, Rory Feek Returns To Where Joey Passed Away


In a few short months since his beloved wife, duet partner, and the mother of his baby girl passed away, Rory Feek has remained resilient and strong – coming close to God and spending priceless moments with his 2-year-old, Indiana Feek.

After receiving an invitation from Joey’s sister, Jody, to attend her son’s high school graduation, and return to the place where his wife had just passed, he knew there was only one choice.

“I know it’s a moment that Joey wouldn’t have missed,” Rory wrote on his blog. “So I didn’t want to miss it either.”

Rory recognized the significance of his and Indy’s return to Joey’s hometown of Alexandria, Indiana and even admitted that part of him wasn’t ready for it just yet, however another part understood it would be a way to heal.

Little Indy was thrilled to see her family and they were tickled pink to see her too! As Rory says, “she stole the show”.
(Credit: Rory Feek)

After celebrating his nephew’s big day with the whole family, Rory revealed that “it felt good to be home”.

The country performer also spent some time with longtime family friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Bill Gaither, who had opened his home to Joey + Rory during their last few months together.

Alongside him was Joey’s father, Jack, visiting the place Joey had passed just a short time ago and marking the first time either of them had returned to that place.

“As I walked through the house and let the memories come flooding back, Bill and Jack stood on the porch and visited… to give me some time.  Time that I desperately needed.  To remember all that we went through.  All the she went through,” Rory continued in his blog.

His visit culminated in one of the most moving experiences he’s likely had: Bill Gaither sat down at the piano inside the home and played a song for Rory – as he had done many times before for him and Joey.

But, this time, the song choice was one that had a huge impact on the singer’s life.

“Not just any song.  Our song.  The one that Joey sang to me when I had asked God for a sign that ‘she was the one’.   The one that was played at my father’s funeral.  And the one that Joey’s mama and daddy played at our wedding.  ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You’ was a song originally recorded by Jim Reeves in the 1950’s.”

And it was instrumental in our lives coming together.

Watch this beautiful clip of Bill Gaither playing the song on that piano below, and also included is a live performance of the country duo singing their song, “Leave It There”.