Nicole Kidman Reacts To Keith Urban’s Larger Than Life Birthday Gift

nicolekidman / Instagram

The night before his beloved wife’s 51st birthday, Keith Urban was performing at Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s Country USA festival. The five-day music festival takes place all week, but Urban’s headlining set was on Tuesday, June 19.

His other half, Nicole Kidman, occasionally attends her husband’s shows, but was unable to be at this one because she is currently filming Season 2 of her hit HBO series Big Little Lies in Monterey, California.

Urban, ever the romantic, made sure she felt the love from over 2,000 miles away. During his set, he asked the adoring crowd to help him sing “Happy Birthday” to his wife, and of course, they agreed!

He started rolling the video and sang the familiar tune into the microphone before thousands of voices joined him.

“Happy Birthday dear Baby Girl,” they all sang. “Happy Birthday to you!”

Before signing off, Urban told Kidman how much he loves her – and we know he means it! This couple has been the apple of each other’s eyes for as long as they’ve been together. After over a decade of marriage, these two seem more in love than ever!

Just look at the way Kidman looks at him in the video below!

Watch Urban’s sweet serenade below.