Scotty McCreery Shares Even More Wedding Photos & Each One Is Gorgeous

Gabi McCreery / Instagram

Scotty McCreery and his now-wife Gabi go way back. The two of them actually met in kindergarten, and remained friends throughout childhood.

Even at that young age, Gabi seemed to know that Scotty was the one for her. Scotty once admitted that in kindergarten, she had a notebook in which she wrote “Mrs. Gabi McCreery” surrounded by hearts.

After dating for years, Scotty popped the question to Gabi on a hike to one of their favorite spots in the mountains of North Carolina. So when it came time for their wedding, they decided to say “I do” in those same mountains.

Scotty and Gabi were married on Saturday, June 16, and shared their first wedding photo a few days later. It’s such a sweet picture!

After the overwhelmingly positive response to his first wedding photo, Scotty released a few more through People on Wednesday (June 20). Each photo is gorgeous, and the ones of Scotty and Gabi together perfectly capture the love they have for each other.

While the full photo album shows some pictures of just the groom, the bride and her father, and the bridal party, the photos Scotty opted to post on Instagram were the ones of just him and Gabi.

One of the new photos shows the couple going in for a kiss, both with huge smiles on their faces.

Another photo perhaps shows off Gabi’s dress better than any other we’ve seen so far. The full-length photo shows the couple surrounded by mountain scenery while Scotty twirls his new bride around.

Seriously, your heart will melt when you see the way he looks at her!

If you thought that Scotty was looking at Gabi lovingly in that photo, just wait until you see how he looked when he saw her walk down the aisle. That photo, and many other adorable snapshots, can be found in their full wedding album on People right here.

To make things all the more romantic, Scotty wrote a song about his love story and proposal to Gabi. Titled “This Is It,” the song is the current single off of his latest album, Seasons Change. Give it a listen below.

Congratulations to Scotty and Gabi!