Popular Rock Song Gets Country-Fried By Kane Brown

kanebrown_tour / Instagram

He may have started out as an Internet sensation, but Kane Brown‘s first headlining tour is proof that he’s put in the work and is here to stay.

That was exactly his goal when he put together his Live Forever Tour, which kicked off on January 10th in Duluth, Georgia.

“I think this tour is going to show people that it’s not just an internet thing anymore. I think this tour is going to show people that we’re here to stay. We’re not going anywhere,” he told CMT. “We’re going to keep working our tails off. My team and my fans are going to keep growing and getting better and making a name for ourselves.

Brown’s set is filled with his own songs, his number one singles “What Ifs,” “Heaven,” and “Lose It,” as well as a few covers including rock band All-American Rejects’ 2008 hit song “Gives You Hell.”

Brown enjoys all different kinds of music, so his choice to cover this song isn’t all that surprising, but it certainly was unexpected! He normally keeps his covers in the country genre. Think Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, and Billy Currington.

The height of the All-American Rejects’ popularity was during Brown’s childhood, and who doesn’t love singing their favorite songs from those days at the top of their lungs?

Wearing a green varsity-style jacket, Brown flawlessly performed the rock song’s verses and asked for the audience at the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina to join him for each chorus.

Watch his rockin’ cover in the video below.