Texas Tenors Receive Applause After “Unchained Melody” Performance

Youtube / America's Got Talent

One thing is for sure, there is no lack of talent across the United States. Luckily, thanks to the endless array of talent competitions on TV, a star is born every couple of months. While it’s not unusual for solo artists to thrive above all else, every now and again a powerful group comes along that leaves a huge impact on the industry. That group was The Texas Tenors.

A Talented Trio

The Texas Tenors are a three-time Emmy Award-winning trio. The vocal group is composed of country singer, JC Fisher, pop singer, Marcus Collins, and opera singer John Hagen. In 2009, the trio auditioned for Season Four of America’s Got Talent and stunned the nation with their mind-blowing harmonies. Ultimately, the group went on to compete throughout the season and finished in fourth place.


Nonetheless, they had formed a tremendous fan base. Directly following the season, they released their first album, which sold 80,000 copies. Their second album, You Should Dream, was featured on their very own PBS special and earned them five Emmy Award nominations and three wins. The trio has since toured around the world giving their fans the ultimate live experience.

In 2017, The Texas Tenors released their third album, Rise, which quickly hit number one on the charts becoming one of the most successful sales weeks of their career. Gaining a large following from their time on AGT, it was no surprise when the trio came back to crush the competition.


A Performance Of A Lifetime

In 2019, America’s Got Talent has launched their spin-off series, America’s Got Talent: The Champions. The series “brings together the world’s most talented, memorable, and all-around fan-favorite acts from the past seasons of AGT, spanning 194 territories.”

As the singers took the stage, it wasn’t long before their talents serenaded the entire venue. Singing a three part harmony to “Unchained Melody,” the crowd went crazy from the very first note. The judges’ reactions spoke volumes, as it was clear they have been champions since day one.


Watch their incredible performance below and grab some tissues… this is breathtaking.