Rascal Flatts Show Off Insane Rap Skills In New TV Show ‘Drop The Mic’

TBS/ YouTube

James Corden is on a roll! A couple of the late-night talk show host’s segments have done so well on YouTube and on his show that he created two different shows for them. Carpool Karaoke became a weekly series through Apple Music, and just recently, Drop The Mic became a television show on TBS.

“Drop The Mic” is a popular segment on Corden’s The Late Late Show that pits Corden against celebrities in a rap battle where they insult each other’s personal and professional lives.  The audience’s cheers decide who wins, and the TV show has the same set-up.

Hosted by rapper Method Man and model Hailey Baldwin, the show has featured celebrity battles between NFL player Rob Gronkowski and actress Gina Rodriguez, singer Usher and actor Anthony Anderson, actress Halle Berry and James Corden, and our personal favorite, Boyz II Men against Rascal Flatts. Each award-winning trio got the chance to insult the other and it was as entertaining as it was epic!

Up first was Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris, whose rap made Gary LeVox and Jay DeMarcus react like this:

Joe Don Rooney went next, hilariously rapping about Boyz II Men’s target audience: single grandmas. It was Nathan Morris against Gary next, who both rapped about each other’s music. Nathan also joked that no one even knew Joe Don and Jay’s names and Gary said that while the R&B group may have sold 60 million records, most of them were cassettes!

Shawn Stockman battled Jay next, who dissed Rascal Flatts’ music, calling it “mostly karaoke.” Jay ended the battle on a high note, with his band members joining him for the final diss, using the Boyz II Men hit song “End of the Road” against them.

Quickly, Boyz II Men’s Nathan said, “Hold up, I just want to know how it feels to sing a hit,” insinuating that Rascal Flatts has never had any.

After this final insult, it was time for the audience to decide who won the rap battle. While we thought it was nearly impossible to choose a winner because both groups were hysterical, and pretty talented as rappers, the audience chose Boyz II Men as the champions of this episode of Drop The Mic.

We aren’t quite sure how the Rascal Flatts guys didn’t win this one, but we’re so glad they took part in it! It’s so great to see this side of them! Watch the full battle below.