Reba Plays A Heartbroken Wife In “Whoever’s In New England” Video

RebaMcEntireVEVO / YouTube

The fear the person you love can leave you at any moment for someone else can be one of the most agonizing feelings in the world. Telling the heartbreaking tale of a woman’s ultimate fear becoming a reality, Reba McEntire delivers tears with her critically acclaimed “Whoever’s In New England.”

McEntire’s first-ever music video was for “Whoever’s in New England.” The clip shows her stricken with worry as her husband leaves to go to Boston “each time duty calls.” When it seems as if all hope is lost for her husband to remain faithful, he has a change of heart and leaps back into her waiting arms.

“When whoever’s in New England is through with you, and Boston finds better things to do,” sings the heartbroken country singer. “You know it’s not too late ’cause you’ll always have a place to go. When whoever’s in New England’s through with you.”

“Whoever’s in New England” was released in 1986 as the premiere single for her album of the same name. The #1 hit is widely considered to be one of her signature songs.

You can watch the heartbreaking video below.