Rednecks Kick Off Valentines Day With Hysterically Romantic Love Song


One of the internet’s favorite groups, The Moron Brothers, have captured the hearts of viewers with their comically written original songs and immense patriotism. Rocking a banjo and guitar in their barn, these two musicians continued to thrill folks with their endless creativity and relatable humor.

Posted by The Moron Brothers – Bluegrass on Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Giving couples in love an extra dose of comedy this Valentine’s Day, the brothers teamed up for a performance of their very own “Hilarious Love Song.” The tune begins out on a solemn note, as one of the brothers expressed, 

“You say that I don’t love you/ You say my love’s untrue/ If I were a rich man/ I’d prove my love for you.”

As this somber beginning tugs at our heartstrings for a man of humble beginnings, we couldn’t help but burst into laughter as he sings“And if my nose was running money, honey, I’d blow it all on you!”  

Posted by The Moron Brothers – Bluegrass on Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The duo begins to sing of what a lavished lifestyle they would gift their women, admitting,

“If my nose was running money I’d blow it all on you/ Buy you a big ole Cadillac and a PT Cruiser, too/ I’d build for you a mansion up on some mountain top/ If my nose were only running money but honey it’s not.”

Full of jokes, they explain to their women that they’re lack of cash is a “booger of a problem,” reassuring them that if the finances were of a different number they’d be swimming in gifts!

Warming up for tonight's show in Lancaster, KY.

Posted by The Moron Brothers – Bluegrass on Saturday, 7 April 2018

Check out the full video below and show it to your special Valentine this year!