Relationship Troubles Push Dale Jr. To Publicly Vent

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Is it even worth fixing at this point? That’s the question Dale Earnhardt Jr. is asking himself after he endured some untold bump and difficulties with this person.

Venting to his millions of fans on social media, the longtime NASCAR driver and famed sports personality opened up about the situation in a way that had many trying to guess what he was talking about.

“For all my years I always thought that if I didn’t get along with someone that with enough effort I would be able to make it right,” Dale Jr. wrote on Twitter. “Now lately I’m wondering if there is just no fixing some relationships.”

There hasn’t been much happening within the public eye to give any direction on what he was talking about, but it clearly had been bothering him a great deal. To further add to the confusion, his sister, Kelley Earnhardt, replied to his tweet with some advice of her own.

“It takes the effort of two people. Not just one. Otherwise, you’re wondering is accurate as it will never be mended,” she said supporting him. “It’s also ok to realize that’s maybe it’s just not meant to be fixed. Sometimes it’s better to leave it be.”

Dale Jr. and Kelly have a very strong relationship and have always been close to one another. While neither is revealing who this difficult relationship is concerning, fans commenting on both tweets often speculated that it could be about their stepmother, Teresa Earnhardt.

Not too long ago, Teresa had filed a lawsuit against Kerry Earnhardt (half-brother to Kelley and Dale Jr.) for the use of the Earnhardt name as a trademark infringement.

Following that, Kelley had tweeted that she “hated” how her family had to deal with that “nonsense” for over four years.

Whatever it is Dale Jr. is going through, we are glad his sister is there for him and we hope it all works out for him.

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