Sadie Robertson Shows Off Incredible Acting Skills In Country Music Video

Lawson Bates/YouTube

Country singer Lawson Bates had no clue who to ask to star in his music video for “Past the Past”, his first radio single off his most recent album What Country Means To Me. A mutual friend recommended budding actress and fellow reality star Sadie Robertson, and Bates, who stars on his family’s show Bringing Up Bates on Up TV, thought she was the perfect fit.

Although the two only met 48 hours before they began the music video shoot, their chemistry is off the charts! Bates and Robertson play high school sweethearts who are torn apart when he focuses more on a future in football than a future with her.

They seem like the picture perfect couple in the video, but when he sings, “I thought together, forever would be destiny for us/Forever sure blew by like a cloud of dust,” you know that heartbreak is just around the corner.

As Bates, the star quarterback of the football team, is getting looked at by college scouts, he spends more time training, and begins ignoring his relationship with Robertson. While we normally see the happy-go-lucky Robertson on social media and on her hit show Duck Dynasty, she had to tap into a very vulnerable part of her life to play this role.

“The song was a heartbreak song and we were both getting over something, dealing with things in our personal lives,” Bates told Country Rebel. “We use what was going on in our own lives to capture the emotion in the song.”

During a tough conversation, she sternly says, “I’m not talking about what’s next for you, I’m talking about what’s next for us.”


Bates tries to explain to her that she just doesn’t understand how important football is to him before she storms off in tears. Robertson showed lots of diversity throughout the music video, showing off her fun, romantic side, as well as her vulnerable and emotional side.


Based on her work in the “Past the Past” music video, there’s no wonder why she has started to dip her toes into the acting world! Watch the music video below.