Sara Evans Shares 10 Photos Of Daughter Olivia In Honor Of Her 17th Birthday

Sara Evans / YouTube

To celebrate the 17th birthday of her oldest daughter, Olivia, country singer Sara Evans took to Instagram to honor her.

Over the years, Evans has shared photos of her family with her fans. She has three children from her first marriage to Craig Schelske (son Avery, and daughters Olivia, and Audrey) and is stepmom to her husband Jay Barker’s four children (sons Andrew, Braxton, and Harrison and daughter Sarah).

In recent years, Sara’s personal life and professional life have intertwined, with Olivia expressing interest in singing, and proving that she’s got the talent to go far in the music industry. In 2017, Sara invited Olivia to join her on stage at a private event during CMA Fest to sing “Tennessee Whiskey” and we were blown away by her talent.

Olivia isn’t the only member of her family who has musical talent. In the past couple years, Evans and her family have formed a family band and have even gone on tour as Sara Evans and the Barker Family Band.

From watching her on stage, we always knew Olivia resembled her mom, but it wasn’t until Sara posted these photos in honor of her daughter’s 17th birthday that we really saw it – they’re twins!

“Happy 17th Birthday Olivia Margaret! You are SO LOVED! You deserve everything good and beautiful in this world!!!! Have the best bday! Thank you for your sweet and kind heart,” she wrote on the Instagram post, along with 10 photos of Olivia throughout the years.

See her full post below, and make sure to swipe through to see al the pictures.