Dog The Bounty Hunter Dismisses Another Death Hoax, Says “Not So Fast…”

Duane Lee Chapman / Instagram

Just months after his wife, Beth Chapman, passed away, Duane “Dog” Chapman found himself fighting for his own life. He was hospitalized in September, and discovered he was suffering from a pulmonary embolism.

Thankfully, Dog recovered, and took steps to improve his health. He pledged that he would stop smoking, start exercising more often, and would try and relax a little more.

During and after Dog’s health scare, fans were understandably worried about him. Certain websites decided to prey on fans’ concern, and began creating fake stories that Dog had passed away.

The reality TV star first rebuked a death hoax that surfaced in November 2019. He sent a picture to TMZ that showed him holding a current newspaper and a handwritten sign that read “I’m Alive!

Dog’s public acknowledgement of the initial death hoax only worked for so long.

Just a few weeks later, he was forced to dismiss yet another rumor about his demise. He did so by posting the same photo he previously shared with TMZ when the first hoax was going around.


Just like before, Dog’s rebuke worked for a short time. But then, a new death hoax started to spread online in January, and he felt the need to call it out.

This time, Dog shared a screenshot of one of the fake reports proclaiming he passed away. The article shows an image with the BBC News logo on the side to make it appear legitimate. 

Not so fast HATERS,” Dog wrote as he called out the rumor.

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Not so fast HATERS

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One commenter admitted to being “scared” by the headline until noticing the report listed Dog’s death date as being in 2019. But the person saw Dog “a few a weeks ago in 2020,” and realized the report was false.

Thankfully, Dog is alive and well. He’s not going anywhere folks!

He also just announced that his current show, Dog’s Most Wanted, has been renewed for a second season. Relieve parts of the emotional first season by tuning in to its trailer below.