Skiers Rescue Dog Buried In Colorado Avalanche

ABC7 / YouTube

Bobby White and his good friend Josh Trujillo were backcountry skiing in Colorado when an avalanche buried another skier’s dog in the snow.

ABC7 / YouTube

The incident took place at the popular Berthoud Pass area in Colorado. Bobby and Josh said they spotted a cloud of snow erupting from the mountain about a thousand feet away from them.

They decided to ski over to the avalanche debris and they ended up running into another group of college students.

One of the students, Scott Shepherd said they were looking for their dog that had been caught and buried in debris somewhere in an area that was about 900 feet long and 150 wide.

The dog had accidentally veered off-course and stopped just above steeper terrain before getting caught up in the avalanche.

“He started moving, and he just looked confused like, ‘Why am I sliding down the hill?’ And then he was just gone,” Scott said, according to Good Morning America.

ABC7 / YouTube

They said that looking for the dog was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. They used 8-feet-long probe poles to poke through the snow in search of the dog.

At one point, Bobby can be heard asking Scott“Where did you see him last?”

Soctt replied, “Way at the top (of the mountain.)”

“I think we need to get out of here,” Bobby tells Josh in the helmet video. “That dog is dead. This is why I don’t like dogs in avalanche terrain to begin with. We’re all like probing underneath the worst avalanche terrain in Berthoud right now.”

Two minutes later, Josh finally spots the dog’s nose poking up out of the snow and yells out to the group letting them know he found the dog.

“I found him! I found him, I found him, I found him!” he shouts. “I can see him. He’s still alive.”

Watch what happens next in the video below as they frantically try to dig him out!