Elsa’s Love Interest In “1883” Teases What’s In Store For Their Relationship

(Left) 1883 / Instagram / (Right) Paramount Plus / YouTube

We’re three episodes deep into 1883, and there’s already a romance blossoming between two of the characters. James and Margaret Dutton’s adventurous daughter, Elsa, has started flirting with Ennis, one of the cowboys accompanying them on their journey West.

The pair began flirting in Episode 2, when Ennis asked Elsa to remove her hat so he could see if she was too pretty for him. He concluded that yes, she was way too pretty.

Ennis and Elsa continued to tease each other later in the episode.

I’ve painted a picture of my husband in my mind and he don’t look like you,” Elsa said.

I’m a cowboy, ma’am. We don’t look like nobody’s husband, but we’re the ones you think about when your husband ain’t around,” Ennis said, leaving Elsa blushing.

Ennis and Elsa kept flirting in Episode 3. Margaret noticed, and brought the subject up to James. Surprisingly, James gave Ennis permission to court Elsa.

That permission came with a warning not to get “handsy” with Elsa. Ennis foolishly asked James to “Define handsy,” which earned him a glare from James.


Eric Nelsen, the actor who plays Ennis, recently spoke with Hollywood Life about his character’s relationship with Elsa. He hinted at what the future has in store for their romance, saying:

I can definitely say there’s a lot of unexpected twists and turns coming. They were kind of teasing Ennis and Elsa’s relationship. There was even a little clip shown during ‘Yellowstone’ of behind the scenes of ‘1883’ and it showed us kissing. The audience can kind of piece things together there. There’s definitely some expected relationship going on there.”

(This is the video Eric is talking about).

Eric said he wouldn’t “get into the details of it yet,” but explained how there will be a “fun” dynamic between Ennis and James as Ennis and Elsa’s relationship continues to progress. 

“...being the protective father that he is and the intense figure that he is, he doesn’t let me get away with very much,” Eric said of Ennis. “He definitely puts me through the wringer a little bit, so that’ll be fun for the audience to see.”

Listen to Eric talk more about what it’s like playing Ennis by tuning in to the video below.

The next episode of 1883 will be released on Sunday (January 9). We can’t wait to see how Ennis and Elsa’s romance develops in the new episode!