Skynyrd’s Talented Crew Checks The Sound With Killer Jam Session

Lyle Engle YouTube Channel

After being in the business for decades, Lynyrd Skynyrd knows how important it is to prepare before a show. If one instrument or piece of equipment is off, it could ruin the whole experience for the thousands of fans that turn out to watch them play.

Known for their triple guitar sound, Skynyrd has to keep all of the respective guitar players’ stuff in order. That’s not even counting the drums, the bass, the keyboard, and all of the microphones. There’s a lot of equipment involved, which means there’s always room for something to go wrong.

Luckily, Skynyrd has a pretty talented road crew to check out all of the technical stuff for them. But this crew doesn’t just haul gear on and off the stage…they can play too!

Skynyrd has a long history of recruiting crew members with musical talent. After all, their longtime keyboardist Billy Powell got his start as a roadie. It seems that same tradition is being kept alive today, because the current crew can really rock.

Back in 2014, someone captured the road crew testing the sound before one of Skynyrd’s concerts. Although the clip is less than a minute long, it’s enough to leave a lasting impression. A jam session as cool as this isn’t something that you can easily forget.

Bet you never thought you’d hear Skynyrd’s crew rock a stage, did you? Well you’re about to! Go ahead and watch their killer jam session in the clip below.

It basically goes without saying by now that Skynyrd has one of the best crews out there!