Fans Not Happy With Shania Twain After TV Interview

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It has been years since we’ve heard any new music from country superstar Shania Twain, 15 years in fact. But fans have something to look forward to in 2017, because she’s releasing a new album.

Twain has been teasing her new album for some time now, but has provided few details on it. She originally told Rolling Stone that she planned to release a single in March, with the album to follow in May. But that single was never released, leaving fans curious to know if the album would come out on time.

So imagine how excited fans got when Twain revealed on Monday (April 17) that she would be dishing out some details on the album during her appearance on The Late Late Show on Tuesday (April 18). In a tweet, Twain said she was “looking forward to talking new music” on the show.

However, when Twain did appear on the show, she didn’t provide any new details about her upcoming album or its material. Fans were less than pleased with this, and many took to Twitter to express their disappointment. One fan joked about how they didn’t hear any album news from Shania, but they did learn that she once peed her pants due to stage fright.

Although Twain didn’t talk about her new album on The Late Late Show, she did say something during an interview with The Press-Enterprise. Apparently, the release date for Twain’s new album has been pushed back to the fall. According to the reporter, she will finally debut some of her new songs during her set at the Stagecoach Festival at the end of April.

Fans weren’t happy with this news either. One upset fan tweeted about how frustrating it was to hear the news of the album delay.

Since all of the previous plans have seemed to fall through, fans are understandably anxious to hear Twain’s new album. Fans have also been left to wonder if the album will come out in the fall as planned. This is something that one radio show made jest of in a tweet, polling its followers to ask which year they think Twain will release her album.

Looks like we’ll have to be patient just a little while longer! In the meantime, we can enjoy watching Twain on The Voice next week, since she is serving as this season’s key advisor. You can also tune in below to watch part of Twain’s interview on The Late Late Show that started all of this buzz!