‘Voice’ Contestant’s Phenomenal Performance Has Fans Confident In Her Win

The Voice Youtube

Fans were speechless after hearing a remarkable performance from hopeful contestant Brennley Brown, expressing their sureness for the young girl’s possible win! While the live playoffs are undeniably the time to shine and showcase potential to the fullest, it was an unlikely song choice that won over the ears of viewers. Singing Maddie & Tae’s melancholy hit “Fly”, Brown sent her fans soaring with profound emotions and a musical experience that was deemed unforgettable.

The young woman’s performance not only approached a vintage vibe while in bohemian attire, but her angelic vocals chilled her audience, captivated by this vision of beauty and her flawless talent. Gracing the stage in a white lace gown and a subtle flower headband, Brown passionately sang, “Baby blue staring in the window pane/ Just counting drops of rain/ Wondering if she’s got the guts to take it/ Running down her dreams in a dirty dress,/ Now her heart’s a mess/ Praying she’ll find a way to make it.”

Brown’s eyes were soft as her emotions explosively poured into her performance. The audience, deeply moved by the heavenly rendition, raised their hands in the air and slowly waved back and forth to the beat of ballad, creating an interactive experience that solidified the connection between Brown and her audience.

“Fly” was released on Maddie & Tae’s 2015 album Start Here, deemed an inspiring tune based on a young girl striving to find happiness and good fortune in life. While the song was a heartwarming success for the duo, it was also a smash hit for Brown who received a monstrous applause from her audience. Fans poured to her social media uploads to express their confidence in the young woman winning the competition and strolling onto bigger and better opportunities.

You can watch the serene performance below.