Star Of ‘Dallas’ TV Show Passes Away

Dallas Fanzine / Twitter

One of the only actors to appear in every single episode of Dallas during the series’ 13-year run has sadly passed away.

The CBS drama, which premiered in April 1978, centered around a wealthy Texas family – the Ewings –  and their oil company Ewing Oil. Main character Bobby Ewing was married to Pamela Barnes, and their families were sworn enemies of each other – adding to the already drama-filled family dynamic.

Pamela’s older brother, Cliff Barnes, and Bobby’s older brother J.R. Ewing just so happened to be bitter rivals, which led to many entertaining and cliffhanger episodes. J.R. and Cliff are the only two characters in the entire ensemble to appear in every single episode in the show’s original tenure.

His character was a lawyer, not an oil tycoon like the Ewings, which left him at a disadvantage during his and J.R.’s squabbles, but in the final season, was able to outsmart J.R. and take over Ewing Oil.

The man who brilliantly brought the character Cliff Barnes to life was Ken Kercheval. He also reprised his role for the 2012 reboot of Dallas, which aired on TNT for three seasons.

Sadly, Kercheval passed away on Sunday (April 21) in his hometown of Clinton, Indiana at the age of 83.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news on Wednesday (April 24) when a spokeswoman at the Frist Funeral Home in Clinton, Indiana confirmed the news. The publication also reports that his talent agent Jeff Fisher also confirmed the sad news. It is unknown what his cause of death is at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kercheval’s family and friends during this time.

Watch one of the most touching Dallas scenes he was a part of in the video below.