Brittany Aldean Shows Progress Of New Home – It’s Going To Be Huge

Instagram / Brittany Aldean

Big things are happening for the Aldean family! And by big, we mean the brand new Tennessee home they are building from the ground up.

Jason and Brittany Aldean are making all sorts of changes this upcoming year. From raising a toddler and teenagers to the arrival of their baby girl, they are busy parents. And while parenting is already a handful, these love birds have another project under their sleeves – a brand new home!

It all began in early 2018 when Jason and Brittany decided to turn their dream home into a reality. The house will be surrounded by more land, feature more amenities, and be much more kid-friendly. While it’ll be a while before the finished project comes to life, Brittany has been good about keeping fans in the loop. Her latest Instagram story was the biggest reveal yet…

A Look Inside

Brittany introduces the home by showing off the grand entrance that has a large doorway and a spiral staircase that leads to the second floor. There is a large dome that looks over the entrance as well.

The second area she shows is the outdoor “hangout” spot on a large porch – which will casually lead into the bowling alley.

One big addition to the new Aldean home is their own pool! Not only does the outline of the pool look ginormous but it will be attached to a koi pond.

Instagram / Brittany Aldean

Aside from the outdoor area, they will also have a screened-in porch spot to hang out and relax. The screened-in porch area leads us into the kitchen.

Brittany then takes us upstairs where her and Jason’s master bedroom will be. For starters, the view is gorgeous as they are surrounded by the open wilderness. There will also be a screened-in porch attached and a “play yard” that the mama hopes to use for Memphis and Navy.

Instagram / Brittany Aldean

As they continue to move throughout the house, Brittany gives a glimpse into one of the most unique parts of their home. There is going to be a staircase that leads up to Brittany’s closet! But she hilariously admits, she doesn’t have nearly enough clothes to fit in it.

Well after getting that behind-the-scenes tour, we really can’t wait to see their dream house be transformed into a home!

You can watch Brittany’s full Instagram story below.