After Kelly Clarkson Pranked Him, Blake Shelton Gets Revenge

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Coaches Return To Voice

In case you weren’t aware, the first few weeks you watch of The Voice are actually pre-recorded. So the blind auditions, battles, and previously, the knockouts rounds, are usually filmed months before you watch them on TV.

When the knockout rounds were still part of the show, the coaches wouldn’t see each other again until The Voice went into lives. But with the introduction of the live cross battles in Season 16, the coaches reunited on set at an earlier stage than any other season.

When Kelly Clarkson made her way back on set, she found an engraved trophy waiting for her. The trophy was to celebrate her win in Season 15 with country singer Chevel Shepherd, and Clarkson was quite excited to see it.

Kelly Kicks Off Prank War

But rather than take the trophy back to her trailer and bask in its glory, Clarkson decided to play a prank on her good friend Blake Shelton. Although Shelton has more wins than any other coach with a total of six, Clarkson has won the past two seasons in a row.

After her first win in Season 14, Shelton lost a bet he had with her over who would win, and had to call her “Queen Kelly” throughout the following season as a result.

Wanting to rub some salt in the wound over Shelton’s second loss to her, Clarkson decided it would be funny to place her newly acquired trophy in Shelton’s trailer. She filmed herself trying to find the perfect spot for the trophy, which she decided to put on the counter so Shelton couldn’t miss it.

After finding a home for the trophy, Clarkson was surprised to see that Shelton’s drink of choice, Smithworks Vodka, was nowhere in sight. She snooped around for a bit and finally found a bottle in his cupboard along with some other drinks. 

Do you need more alcohol bro?” Clarkson joked.

So how did Shelton respond to Clarkson’s prank? Well, he decided to one-up her by pulling off a prank of his own, and it was hilarious.

Blake Gets Her Back

On the last night of the second week of cross battles, Shelton took to social media to congratulate Clarkson on her prank. He wrote that after seeing her search for his Smithworks stash, he decided to deliver a bunch to Clarkson in honor of her birthday on April 24.

Shelton set up a full-out bar of Smithworks for Clarkson, complete with bedazzled cups, including one reading “Queen Kelly.”

Well-played sir, well-played! Though honestly, if we were Clarkson, we wouldn’t be too mad about this prank.

Only time will tell if these pranks are the start of a larger war between Shelton and Clarkson on The Voice. We sure hope so, because these two come up with some pretty hysterical things when they are bent on teasing one another!