Stolen Hunting Dog Relocated With Help Of NC Locals

Randolph County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

Humans and pet relationships are very unique, especially when it comes to dogs and cats. Joe, a golden cocker spaniel, was stolen on December 26th, 2020 from his owner’s property along with a John Deere Gator utility vehicle and numerous other items.

Two men were identified the same day by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office as the potential thieves. With the help of the neighbors, they were tracked down and located walking in the region carrying a black bag which was in the Gator when it was stolen, the Sheriff’s Office shared on their Facebook Page.

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

Though the Gator was found, the Sheriff’s Office couldn’t locate Joe the missing dog. They shared several bits of information on the defendants and asked for help finding the dog by asking the locals of Randolph County to call them if they have any information about the missing pup.

While the investigation was still in progress, the community of Randolph was touched by the story and joined their efforts to help the Sheriff’s Office find Joe. The Sheriff’s Office had people come on horseback, foot, and even ATVs to search around the area where the stolen Gator was last spotted.

Many folks also took to social media and shared posts about Joe. Fortunately, Joe the stolen hunting dog was finally found and reunited with his owner thanks to the help of everyone!

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook