Team Gwen’s Rose Short Sings Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country” During “Voice” Season 17

The Voice / YouTube

One of the biggest country songs of 2019 was a track titled “God’s Country.” Released by superstar singer and Voice coach Blake Shelton, the song dominated country radio and became a #1 single.

Because of its success, “God’s Country” and its music video were nominated in multiple categories at the 2019 CMA Awards. The song went on to be named the CMA Single of the Year.

In August 2019, Shelton and the “God’s Country” songwriters celebrated its rise to #1 at a party in Nashville. At that party, Shelton spoke about how the song changed his mindset when it came to his career.

I stopped and I called Scott. I go, ‘Man, that’s literally the kind of song that I feel like makes me want to make another record. That kind of reignites my excitement for, not for country music, but for what I do in country music.'”

Shelton has continued to be rewarded for “God’s Country.” The song led him to a Grammy nomination for Best Country Solo Performance.

So you can imagine the pressure one Season 17 Voice contestant was under when she decided to sing “God’s Country” in an attempt to make it into the Top 8. That contestant was Rose Short, a member of Team Gwen.

In rehearsals, Short told her coach that she knew it was going to be a challenge to sing “God’s Country.” But it was a challenge she conquered.

Short gave the song more of a gospel vibe than Shelton’s original recording. This gave her the opportunity to showcase her powerhouse vocals as she went for high, strong notes.

Fans were in awe of Short’s delivery, and praised her performance on social media.


As for how Shelton himself reacted, he could seen smiling throughout Short’s performance, and later went on to call it “incredible.”

Short left it all on the stage with this one, and she should be proud of what she accomplished! She went on to the finale, and placed in fourth.

Listen to the audio of Short’s “God’s Country” cover in the clip below.