Rebecca Robertson’s Son Misdiagnosed – Has Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease

Rebecca Robertson / Instagram

Over the weekend, Duck Dynasty star Rebecca Robertson’s almost 11-month-old son Zane came down with something. They’d made it almost his entire first year of life without even a low-grade fever, but her normally happy baby wasn’t acting like himself.

She took him to the doctor, where he was diagnosed him with a double ear infection.

“Baby’s first sick day,” she wrote on Instagram accompanying a photo of Zane sleeping on her chest. “We almost made it a year without any sickness, but just right after we got home from meeting Santa we found Zane was running high fever [sic] and it turned out to be an ear infection.”

On Monday (Dec. 2), Rebecca updated her half a million followers that Zane woke up with rashes all over his body. She said she would be taking him to see his pediatrician to see what the deal was.

Rebecca also said that even though he was feeling sick, he was still being so sweet.

After they returned from the doctor, it turns out Zane didn’t have a double ear infection, he actually has Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease!

According to the Mayo Clinic, Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease is “a mild, contagious viral infection common in young children.” Common symptoms include fever, sore throat, feeling of being unwell, painful, blister-like lesions on inside of mouth, red rash, irritability in toddlers and infants, and loss of appetite.

He should feel better in a few days!

Rebecca took to her Instagram stories to update everyone.

We just got back from the doctors and Zane’s sickness has taken a huge turn. Apparently he does not even have an ear infection. He actually has Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease,” she said, adding that he already seems to be feeling better.

Watch her explain everything below.