Missy & Jase Robertson Welcome Two Teenagers Into Their Family

For several years, we watched Missy and Jase Robertson on their family’s hit show Duck Dynasty. They appeared alongside Jase’s brothers, his nieces and nephews, his parents, as well as their own children, Reed, Cole, and Mia. Their son Reed’s wedding to his wife Brighton was even filmed for a special episode. My favorite people […] More

Sadie Robertson’s Mom Shows Off Nose Ring

The Robertson family rose to fame in 2012 when their show Duck Dynasty became the most watched unscripted show in television history. But, along with the fame came plenty of controversy and criticism, mostly due to the family’s super conservative values. The show went off the air in 2017, but the family’s fan base has […] More

Willie Robertson’s Business Partner Suffers ‘Tragic’ Loss

The Duck Dynasty family rose to fame thanks to their extremely successful company Duck Commander. Along with making the finest and most effective duck calls a hunter can find, they also made popular hunting videos. Because their passion of hunting doesn’t stop at ducks, they have branched out into several different business using the same […] More

Missy Robertson Asks Fans For Their Prayers

One of the most beloved Duck Dynasty cast members is one of the youngest, and has been through the most, even at her young age. Mia Robertson, the only daughter of Jase and Missy, captured the hearts of America during the show’s eleven season run. So much so, that the fans voted a speech she gave […] More

Pro-Gun Phil Robertson Reveals What Will Stop Mass Shootings

Several months after his family’s reality show Duck Dynasty ended, Phil Robertson announced that he would be returning with a new show called In the Woods with Phil. The show airs on CRTV, a digital subscription network, and is about his political and religious beliefs. “For far too long we have been told to shut up. No more,” he said […] More

Jase And Missy Robertson Sing Flirty Version Of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’

Fans may or may not know that Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty has an incredible singing voice, but something nobody knew is that her husband, Jase, can carry a tune, as well! Our new Christmas album 'Duck the Halls' was released today, thanks for all the positive feedback. It is a little early… Posted by Jase Robertson on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 For the […] More

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Mourns The Loss Of A Loved One

Thanksgiving is all about family, and for Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, this year was no different. What was different, however, was where she and her family spent the holiday. In a heartbreaking yet optimistic blog post, the wife of Jase Robertson revealed that her grandfather, whom she called “Pops,” had passed away from […] More

Korie Robertson Overwhelmed With Love In Her Time Of Need

In an incredible moment showing the strength and resilience of the Duck Dynasty clan, one of the beloved members highlights how grateful she is to have such amazing people in her life – and how they’ve all stepped up to help her at a time when she needed them! Just a few weeks ago, the […] More