“Duck Dynasty” Star & Wife Announce They’re Expecting Twins

Justin Martin / Instagram

Two new ducklings are about to join the Duck Dynasty family!

Other than the Robertsons, there are many other people that help make Duck Commander the “Dynasty” it is. One of those people is Justin Martin, or just “Martin” as Duck Dynasty fans came to know him.

Martin is the General Manager at Duck Commander.When he’s not keeping Duck Commander employees in check, you’ll find him fishing for crappie or in the duck blind with his wife, Brittany Martin,” Martin’s “About” page on the Duck Commander website reads.


Martin has been through some tough times in recent years. His area was hit hard by a hurricane in 2020 and he went over to his parents’ place to help them clean up.

Just a few months later, Martin’s dad passed away. 

…He was a great man that taught me so much but I feel as though he had much more to teach me,”  Martin wrote on social media. “He was always up for a project and quick to point out how I was doing it wrong. If he built you something, it will survive an apocalypse. He never took the easy way out of anything. I have no idea what life will be like without his phone calls that would just circle around. Life on this earth will certainly never be the same…


After experiencing so much heartbreak, Martin had some happy news to share on Thursday (April 7). He and his wife Brittany are expecting…and they’re having twins!

Well, here we go!” Martin wrote when announcing the pregnancy on social media. “It has been hard keeping this a secret but it’s a secret no more. If you’ve followed along, you know our family has gone through a ton since 2020. Little ones, we have prayed for you and soon enough we will get to pray with you. We are scared to death, excited beyond words and ready for this path God has chosen. Martin, Party of 4!

Martin shared a photo showing two green baby outfits next to a letter board that reads “PRAYED FOR 1 BLESSED WITH 2.” The babies are due in October.


Martin also posted a video of the moment when he and Brittany learned they were having twins. He shared this video on TikTok, and captioned it, “When there’s two instead of one…..

You can tell how shocked he and Brittany were!

@jmartinduckman Well, looks like one may be a little more mischievous than the other one. #twins #newparents ♬ original sound – jmartinduckman

Martin and Brittany married in 2015. They started dating in 2013.

There was actually a scene in one episode of Duck Dynasty that shows Uncle Si, Jase, Jep, and Godwin helping Martin get ready for his first date with Brittany. It was a hilarious moment, and you can watch it in the video below.

Congratulations to Martin and Brittany on their TWO new bundles of joy!