“Duck Dynasty’s” Uncle Si Robertson Gets First Beard Trim In 31 Years

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Uncle Si Robertson recently surprised fans with a new look.

During an episode of the Duck Call Room podcast, he revealed that he had trimmed his beard for the first time since 1993!

During the podcast, which brings together Si Robertson and other members of the Duck Dynasty show, Si shared the story behind his new look, providing a pretty amusing listening experience for fans.

Duck Call Room Podcast

Recalling the moment he decided to change his iconic look, Si shared, “I just looked in the mirror the other morning, and I said, ‘You know, I think I’m sick of this look right here. I’m fixing to do something different.’”

Si further detailed his visit to the hairdresser, where he requested a neat and trimmed appearance, breaking away from his signature unkempt beard and long hair.

“I went to my wife’s hairdresser, and I said, ‘Hey, just trim me up and make me neat looking…’ I haven’t had my hair cut or a beard messed with for 31 years.”

His nonchalant attitude towards the change, including his wife’s reaction, “She don’t care…she just looked and laughed,” showcased that Robertson family humor fans all know and love.

The guys also playfully discussed the possibility of shaving Si’s head, amusingly comparing him to a hairless cat. Imagine that!

Check out Uncle Si’s new look below.

Duck Call Room / YouTube

In addition to the recent Duck Call Room podcast episode, speculation about a potential revival of the Duck Dynasty series has been recently circulating, prompting interest and excitement among fans.

The show’s former run on A&E from 2012-2017 garnered immense popularity, and Willie Robertson, another prominent figure from the show, has recently shared his thoughts about the possibility of a revival.

Unfortunately, the news wasn’t quite what fans were hoping for. While Willie revealed that his family is “looking into some different TV ideas,” sadly, these do not include an exact Duck Dynasty revival.

“…to recapture what we did before is really not gonna happen. Sadly, everyone’s gotten older, and we’re all in different places now. Our cast has expanded drastically. I have seven grandkids now, so we’ve got some ideas.”

While a direct revival of the show may not be in the cards, the Robertson family continues to be very active on social media, and some members even host their own podcasts, so at least fans still get to keep up with the ever-entertaining family.

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Watch the latest episode of Duck Call Room below and see more of Uncle Si’s new look!