Phil Robertson’s Wife Explains How She Felt After Learning About His Secret Daughter

Phyllis Robertson Thomas / Instagram

Before he devoted his life to Jesus, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson said he lived a “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.” He was not faithful to his wife, Miss Kay, and had an affair shortly before he became a Christian.

Phil and Kay went on to raise their four sons (Al, Willie, Jase, and Jep) and watched their Duck Commander business grow into an empire. Decades passed when their lives were changed by a letter Al received in the mail.

The Robertsons shared the story in a 2020 episode of Phil’s Unashamed podcast. Al said the letter was from a 45-year-old woman named Phyllis who believed Phil was her father. She had also contacted Jase, so he and Al approached Phil with the news. Phil agreed to take a DNA test, and it said he was a 99.9% match to Phyllis.

Phil wanted to meet Phyllis, so he asked her to come see him in Louisiana. In an interview with I Am Second, he recalled the moment when he saw her for the first time.

I put my hands on her face and I looked into her eyes to see if I could see a little of me in there,” Phil said. “And I did. And I thought ‘welcome aboard.’ A daughter I didn’t know I had. She was lost, but now she’s found.”

Phyllis and her family moved to Louisiana just a few months later. She has been bonding with Phil, her brothers, and Miss Kay.

After learning that Phil had a daughter from an affair, you’d think Miss Kay would be a little hurt, or even jealous. But she has welcomed Phyllis into their family with open arms.

Recently, Miss Kay detailed how she felt after learning about her husband’s secret daughter:

I prayed and prayed for a daughter, and after all these years, the Lord answered me when Phyllis came into our lives,” Miss Kay said. “Phyllis worried that when Phil learned he had a daughter after all these years, it would open old wounds for me. She hated the idea of causing me any pain. But like my nephew told her, so much beauty came from the ashes of Phil’s old life. She’s the daughter I prayed for.”

Miss Kay said the Robertsons could have kept Phyllis’ story to themselves, but they wanted to share it:

…when God gives you a story, he also gives you the strength and courage to tell the world about it. Whatever your story is, no matter how messy and painful, it has the power to change lives,” Miss Kay said.

Miss Kay paired up with Al’s wife, Lisa, to release a new book titled Sister Roar. They’ll share Phyllis’ story in the book, and we can’t wait to learn more about her.

Look below to read Miss Kay’s full post about her relationship with Phyllis.