Korie Robertson Posts Photos Of Son “Little Will” All Grown Up

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Even though Duck Dynasty ended in 2017 after 11 seasons on the air, we still enjoy keeping up with the Robertson family. The show started in 2012 and followed the lives of the Robertsons, a large Louisiana family who ran a duck hunting company called Duck Commander.

Willie, the CEO of the company, his wife Korie, and their kids appeared as one of the focal points of the show. They are parents to John Luke, Sadie, Willie Jr., and Bella. In Season 5, we were introduced to Rebecca, who was an exchange student that stayed with them when she was 16 and became an unofficial member of their family. In the last season, we were also introduced to Rowdy, a 12-year-old boy they adopted.

Willie has great scenes with each of his kids, but one of our favorites was when he tried to help coach Little Will’s football team. He and his son ended up in a footrace, and it ended in a comical fashion!

Little Will, who Willie and Korie adopted as a baby, had to have been in middle school when this aired, but it feels like we’ve known him since he was a little kid!


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What we saw in later episodes of the show, and its spinoffs, is that “Little Will” Robertson also goes by “Bob” or “Bobby.”

To celebrate her son’s birthday, Korie Robertson wrote, “21 my son!! Happy Birthday!! I am so very proud of the man that you are. You love God with all your heart, love your family so sweetly (everyone wants a Bobby hug) and you love others with an openness that us beautiful to witness.”

See Korie’s full birthday post, including many photos of “Bob” throughout the years.


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See his sister Sadie Robertson’s post for her little brother’s birthday!

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Korie and Willie’s youngest daughter, Bella posted several photos on her Instagram Story for her brother’s birthday. They are only 10 months apart, so they really did everything together!

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Happy 21st birthday, Bob!