13-Year-Old Tegan Marie Shines In Heavenly Performance Of ‘O Holy Night’

Tegan Marie Facebook

If you haven’t heard of Tegan Marie by now, then you’ve definitely been missing out on some great music. The 13-year-old singer-songwriter has captured the attention of millions with her country covers. Over the summer, Tegan’s cover of Florida Georgia Line‘s “H.O.L.Y.” went viral, generating over 17 million views on Facebook.

Tegan’s popularity has only continued to increase since the release of that “H.O.L.Y” video. Now, she has another video to share with her fans, and it also has the word “holy” in the title.

On Monday (December 19), Tegan was happy to debut her first Christmas-themed cover on her Facebook page. The song she selected to record was the beloved Christmas favorite, “O Holy Night.” This Christmas classic has been recorded by countless artists over the years, and now Tegan is adding her name to that impressive roster.

Tegan’s rendition of “O Holy Night” has to be one of the most heavenly that we’ve ever heard. Sitting in front of twinkling Christmas lights with a furry shawl wrapped around her shoulders, Tegan looks forward at the camera before she glides into singing the stunning Christmas tune.

This cover gives us the oppertunity to hear Tegan sing in a lower range than in some of her other covers. It goes to show that no matter what type of song she sings, she can sing it beautifully.

You’ll find yourself in awe of Tegan’s angelic voice and extreme talent. It’s hard to believe that Tegan’s still just a young girl when you hear her sing like this!

Tegan’s dazzling “O Holy Night” performance is the first of three Christmas covers she plans to release this holiday season. A press release states that her second cover will be of “Santa Baby.” That cover will debut on Wednesday (December 21) while her rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” will debut on Friday (December 23). You can find all of these videos on Tegan’s official Facebook page.

Until Tegan releases her other videos, please enjoy her performance of “O Holy Night” below.