Texas Country Star Pat Green Calls On Fans For Help

Guy Rogers III via CMT

Texas country singer Pat Green has released seven studio albums since he made his debut in 1995. He’s managed to take an impressive total of 15 singles to the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, including “Wave on Wave,” “Let Me,” and “Feels Just Like it Should.”

Green’s last album was released in 2015, and he remains active as a performer. His tour has taken him to many cities in Texas so far this year, and future dates are scheduled in Florida, Georgia, and Missouri.

All throughout his tour, Green has been accompanied by a faithful companion, his pug puppy Ugg. The singer and his wife, Kori, got Ugg in December as a Christmas present for their son. She is now a treasured member of the family, and has been traveling with Green on his tour.

Austin Statesman

Sadly, Green and his family have been separated from their precious pup. As reported in the Austin Statesman, Green and his family are desperately searching for Ugg after they lost her on Monday afternoon (April 17).

Green’s assistant Phil Crawford that that Ugg escaped from Green’s truck and ran away when Green stopped to pump gas at a station near Jarrell, Texas, close to Interstate 35. Pat chased after her as far as he could,” Crawford said. “[Ugg] just got freaked out and ran.

Crawford says that Green is devastated about losing Ugg. Over the course of the past day, there has been a huge social media push to find the missing pooch. Green shared a photo of her on his social media accounts hoping that one of his fans would be able to help. Down in the comments, Green also shared a map that details exactly where Ugg got loose.


Green’s wife tried to help spread the news with social media posts of her own. She stated that there would be a reward for anyone that is able to find her.

Fans were quick to show their support for Green. Many of his Texas-based fans said they had been searching for Ugg, and others offered to put up posters to help.

As of press time, Ugg still has not been found and Green has provided no additional updates on their search. If you happen to spot Ugg or have any information, please email Crawford at [email protected].

We hope Ugg is found safe and sound!