The Flower On ‘The Masked Singer’ Avoids Elimination With Dolly Parton’s ‘9 To 5’

The Masked Singer / YouTube

The Masked Singer is a few weeks into its second season, and we’ve already been thoroughly entertained by the outstanding performances and elaborate costumes.

Prior to Wednesday night’s (October 9) episode, three contesants had been unmasked. They were professional boxer Lalia Ali as the Panda, Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir as the Egg, and online gamer Tyler Blevins, or “Ninja” as the Ice Cream.

On the October 9 episode, four new masked singers went head-to-head to see who the next unmasked celebrity would be. 

The celebrities started off competing in pairs. One celebrity, disguised as a penguin, faced off against another who was dressed as a fox. the Fox won, and the Penguin was sent to the final round.

That celebrity ended up competing against the Eagle, who lost in its pairing against the Flower. 

The judges were incredibly impressed with what they heard from the Flower, who delivered a performance of Dolly Parton‘s workplace anthem “9 to 5.” At the conclusion of the performance, judge Jenny McCarthy remarked “I’m so speechless!

The judges then debated who they thought was behind the mask, based on both the performance and a “clue” package they got to see before the Flower sang. In the package, the singer mentioned having an “empire” and said they’ve done “just about everything,” including cooking, clothing, and crafts.

The judges guessed that the Flower could be Patti La Belle, Jennifer Hudson, or Taraji P. Henson, but were honestly quite stumped. They also guessed it could be Mariah Carey because the flower said “vision of love” in the hints package, which is one of Carey’s songs.

The show was quick to point out the hilarity in this possibility, since Carey is the ex-wife of The Masked Singer‘s host, Nick Cannon.Why do you think we’ve been holding hands the whole time?” Cannon joked.

Even though the judges didn’t know who was behind the flower’s mask, they knew they wanted that celebrity to move on. So the Flower survived elimination, and the Eagle and the Penguin competed one final time.

The Eagle lost, and was unmasked. It was revealed that he was celebrity doctor Dr. Drew Pinsky!

Now one more singer’s identity is known, but the Flower’s still remains a secret. Watch their clue package above and their “9 to 5” cover below (starts at the 1:05 mark) and see if you can figure out which celebrity is behind the mask!